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No joke, I was hiding cup cakes in my desk drawer...and that's when I knew I needed to change. [Kiss Your Cravings Goodbye] has become my support stick when I need it.

- Bre

I'm reigning in my need for chocolate. This isn't just a gloss, it's a tool!

- Eugenie

It really did make me stop and think about my food choices: Kiss Your Cravings Goodbye was the tool I needed to cut my sugar fix.

- Jessie

"In love!"

- Scarlett

Kiss Your Cravings Goodbye helped me to stop mindlessly snacking by having to stop to apply the lip gloss and then drinking more water. THANK YOU!

- Anna

Since using KYCG, I'm no longer embarrassed to let someone see my trash can. It used to be filled with little chocolate wrappers.

- Sarah

The very act of applying helped cut my cravings.

- Katie

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